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2020 IWF Junior World Championships, Bucharest, ROU – cancelled!

Communication from the IWF: "Throughout our planning for the IWF Junior World Weightlifting Championships 2020, as with any of our events, the health and wellbeing of participants has been a key priority. We have been diligent in seeking the best and latest advice in this regard. The recent spreading of the Coronavirus (COVID19) worldwide has been high on our agenda and in the focus of our concern. At present, the risk to individual health remains low. In order to mitigate impacts, however, public health authorities and governments around the world have acted quickly to put in place measures designed to slow and prevent further spread. These variously include outbound travel advisories, inbound travel bans, quarantines and self-isolation measures. Standing WHO advice is that in the case of major international sports events the individual characteristics of each event must be considered. A World Weightlifting Championships, such as the 2020 IWF JWC scheduled in Bucharest from 13 March, necessarily involves many people from about 80 countries being in close proximity indoors. Barbells and plates are touched by many hands. And in this case, the age of the athletes must also be considered. Furthermore, the extent and complexity of the public health measures being put in place is such that the IWF cannot be sure athletes of all nations would attend (or that if they did attend, they would be allowed to return home). We have concluded extensive consultations, first of all of course, with the host Romanian Weightlifting Federation. After discussion and upon request of President Nicu Vlad of the Romanian Weightlifting Federation, the Executive Board has agreed to accept the cancellation of the 2020 IWF Junior World Championships in Bucharest, Romania as a precaution due to the ongoing development COVID19. The cancellation will include the Committee meetings and Congress as well. Please kindly note the above and will let you know of further developments as soon as possible."

Executive Board makes further progress towards clean weightlifting

The IWF Executive Board has concluded a successful meeting in Lausanne. The meeting provided a chance to reflect on a successful 2019, while looking forward to next year and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Distinguished guests were welcome at the meeting: Mr. David Luckes, Associate Director of IOC Sport Department; Me Francois Carrard, the IWF’s Legal Advisor, Dr. Richard Young, Chairman of the Clean Sport Commission and the Independent Member Federation Sanctions Panel as well as Dr. Patrick Schamasch, Chairman of the IWF Anti-Doping Commission. The status of the Independent Member Federations Sanctions Panel was confirmed. In order to further improve independence, it was decided that in the future ITA will be requested to deal with the appointment of Panel Members. Mr. Brent Nowicki, Managing Counsel of CAS Anti-Doping Division (ADD) submitted a presentation to the Executive Board and, to further enhance the level of independence, the Board decided to cooperate with CAS ADD. That will ensure that only independent expert arbitrators adjudicate those cases where hearings are requested by the individuals concerned. The Executive Board also heard representatives of the Thai Amateur Weightlifting Association (TAWA), who submitted a request to amend their Undertaking on “self-suspension” signed in March 2019. Whilst acknowledging the progress made by TAWA, the Executive Board, considering that the case initiated in Court by TAWA is not yet closed and that additional information is still expected from ITA concerning a number of individual cases, decided not to accept any modification to the Undertaking and that the Federation’s request will be considered at the next meeting. As a consequence of the CAS decision to uphold the Independent Member Federation Sanctioning Panel’s (IMFSP) decision on the suspension of Egypt, the EB reallocated the 2020 IWF Junior World Championships that was to be held in Cairo. Among 4 strong candidates (Georgia, Tbilisi; Greece, Hersonissos; Poland, Wladyslawowo and Romania, Bucharest) the Board’s decision fell on Bucharest (14-24 March 2020). Athlete welfare was in the focus of the Executive Board’s consideration when it laid down the foundations of Guidelines on Zero Tolerance, which aim to ensure protection from harassment and abuse, including sexual misconduct. The Board further received updates on the Dakar 2022 Youth Olympic Games and the idea of Power Games. “I am very pleased that the IWF Executive Board has displayed unity and wisdom when supporting the progressive proposals that confirm our commitment towards clean weightlifting, even more independence and credibility,” said IWF President Tamas

CAS decision upholds IMFSP sanction against Egypt

Following a hearing at the Court of Arbitration in Sport (CAS), the appeal of the Egyptian Weightlifting Federation was dismissed and the decision rendered by the Independent Member Federations Sanctioning Panel (IMFSP) to suspend the Egyptian Weightlifting Federation was upheld. In dismissing the Egyptian Weightlifting Federation’s appeal against the sanction, the CAS arbitration panel ordered the Federation to make a contribution towards the IWF’s expenses in connection with the proceedings. The IMFSP had originally imposed sanctions against the Egyptian Weightlifting Federation on 12 September, with the suspension being based on multiple anti-doping rule violations that were committed by Egyptian weightlifters. After having been ineligible to send athletes to the 2019 World Weightlifting Championships, the Egyptian Weightlifting Federation will now be unable to qualify athletes for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. “If we are to ensure a culture of clean competition, then we must be prepared to see the most serious of consequences applied in extreme cases. The IWF will now do all it can to help the Egyptian Weightlifting Federation with education and improvement in the field of anti-doping, so that their athletes may make a successful return to

One Year To Go to Tokyo 2020!

Today it's just One Year To Go to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games! Weightlifting was the first to open the 'Ready - Steady - Tokyo!' line of Olympic Test Events in its magnificent and iconic venue, the Tokyo International Forum. As 24 July 2020, the opening day of the Games is drawing near, excitement is growing and everybody is looking forward to fantastic Olympic Games in the Japanese capital. Celebrate 'One Year To Go!' with the Technical Officials who tested the weightlifting

Unique IWF Seminar on Mental Training in Uruguay

The Uruguay Weightlifting Federation organized a Mental Training Seminar in Weightlifting in Montevideo, Uruguay thanks to the IWF Development Program. The Federation invited Mr. Jorge Espana, President of Bolivian Weightlifting Federation and a specialist of the subject, to act as the lecturer. There were 25 participants from all around Uruguay. The audience was extremely enthusiastic to learn about mental coaching techniques for weightlifters. The participating coaches were very active eager to be given some new tools that may help improving the coaching of lifters, their mental condition, recovery and, ultimately, their performance. Special emphasis was laid on the role played by the coach on his or her athletes. "The conditions granted for the Seminar were excellent, especially due to the facilities available, and I appreciate the hospitality of the Uruguayan Weightlifting Federation," commented his experiences Mr. Espana. "This seminar had great importance since such content had never been developed in the country and therefore the knowledge of the athletes and coaches was limited. The presentations by Mr. Espana were excellent unfolding all the content in a masterful way and being able to make difficult subjects be understood easily thanks to his communication skills,"  the President of Uruguay Weightlifting Federation, Mr. Julio Lezama shared his opinion after the