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Great French Champion Marcel PATERNI passed away

As we learned from the French Weightlifting Federation, the great champion Marcel PATERNI, who was not only a great athlete, but also a great coach passed away recently. Marcel PATERNI, born September 22, 1936, was a French weightlifter who was a bronze medallist at the World Weightlifting Championships in 1958 in Stockholm and in 1961 in Vienna in the middleweight category. He was silver medallist at the European Weightlifting Championships in 1957 and 1958 and bronze medallist at the European Weightlifting Championships in 1961 and 1962. In the light-heavyweight category, he won bronze at the European Weightlifting Championships in 1960 and 1964 and world record holder in press with 150.5 kg in 1959. He participated in three Olympic Games in 1956 in Melbourne, 1960 in Rome and 1964 in Tokyo. After his athletic career, Marcel PATERNI was also a national coach and helped the French team to further success. The IWF and the weightlifting family extend their condolences to the FFHM and the PATERNI

Constitutional Working Group’s 2nd meeting

The Constitutional Working Group appointed by the IWF Executive Board to elaborate the proposals for the modification of the Constitution and By-Laws met for an update meeting - again in Budapest, Hungary. IWF President, Dr. Tamás Ajánwelcomed the Group and wished them successful work. José Quinones, IWF Vice President chaired the meeting during the two days, 8th and 9th February. Members - Mr. Petr Krol, Ms. Karoliina Lundahl and Dr. Christian Baumgartner - discussed and consolidated the proposals received. Their work was assisted by the IWF's Swiss law firm Kellerhals-Carrard, represented by Dr. Francois CARRARD. A comprehensive document including the harmonized and proposed modifications will be presented to the IWF Executive Board at the end of May and the final version will be tabled to Federations at the Annual

2018 WUC closed: Exellence in mind, body – and in organisation

The heavyweights got into action on the final day of the 2018 WUC. USA, Austria and Germany vied for the top positions in the men's 105kg and shared the snatch medals. KOCH Florian from Austria was best in snatch, but in clean and jerk LIN Sheng-Lun from TPE rose to prominence. However, the overall winner was GUNTHER Bjorn, Germany. In the women's 90kg Tom GOEGEBUER's lifter, European Championship silver medallist VANBELLINGHEN Anna represented Belgium, won hands down, and added 3 WUC gold medals to her collection. Women's +90kg - 2017 Universiade 4th Korean KO A-Rang and 2016 WUC 3rd Mexican BUENO PLACENCIA Gladis G. were fighting for the gold medals. Since the Korean was better on both lifts, finishing with 339kg in total, she won all the three gold medals ahead of BUENO. The men's superheavies were last to board the platform. Serbia's KAJDOCI Tamas came out last but in snatch he received strong competition from HSIEH Yun-Ting, TPE who received the gold for 170kg, four kilograms over the Serbian's. Ecitement rose in clean and jerk where KAJDOCI met his match in NONAKA Masahiro, Japan. Their chase ended with the Serbian tackling 222kg successfully for a 388kg winning total. The WUC in Biala Podlaska came to an end with a Closing Ceremony whereby FISU 1st Vice President Leonz EDER praised the organisers and the excellence of the participants. "As FISU Technical Delegate for Weightlifting, I am happy and proud to have had another successful World University Championships like this one in Biala Podlaska. All participants had a great time and enjoyed perfect competing, lodging and catering conditions. Last but not least, we must be grateful to the hosts for their traditional warm Polish hospitality." - said Anikó NÉMETH-MÓRA, in charge of supervising the event. "The IWF has also expressed its full satisfaction and appreciation to the hosts for what was an entirely excellent event with 26 countries participating." - confirmed IWF Technical Delegate Mátyás

Asia dominates in Biala Podlaska

USA and Japan shared the gold medals in the women's 69kg, with the former taking two thanks to BREMNER Aria (204kg). Japanese ISHII Miku, winner in snatch, had to settle for the runner-up place with her 203kg overall. Two bronzes went to Canada, while HERTLOVA from CZE also pinched one silver medal in snatch. 85kg, men - Korean YEOM Dahoon and Canadian BELLEMARRE Alex had their own special duel for the top positions, however, the big rivalry that drove the audience into excitement was running for the third positions and down. Ultimately, the Canadian surprised by failing in all his clean and jerk attempts and having to cede two gold medals to YEOM Dahoon, Korea. Women's 75kg - With JAEGGI Nora, Switzerland clinched a medal in snatch and another one in total in a very close competition. University World Champion in this category is CHEN En-Tzu from TPE and the silvers were won by FEYOVA Karin, SVK. Men's 94kg - CHEN Po-Jen from Chinese Taipei stood out from the field and fought his lonely game with the barbell after all the other medals had found their winners. In clean and jerk he first frightened by missing the opening 185kg, while BOONLANG Weeraphat, THA challenged him with 186kg, a weight he finally could not even clean. Already the triple winner, CHEN lifted 191kg for an overwhelming win in total as