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Comparative analysis of weightlifting results at the London 2012 Olympic Games

The article deals with the comparative statistical analysis of the results of male and female lifters, achieved in London, UK, at the 2012 Olympic Games. It has been established that in case of male weightlifters there are significant differences between the results of different bodyweight categories; the winner of the given category would have been on the average only the 7th in the next, heavier weight category. In general there is a rather high homogeneity within the categories, the performance level of the lifters on the 6th places is only 6.16 % (SD= 2.35 %) less than the results of the gold medalists. On the contrary, in case of female competitors results are not balanced. The no homogeneity is high; there are huge differences between the results of the winners and the others. The gold medalists of the given category would have been still 5th in the next category, and the results level of the lifters on the 6th places is 11.87 % (SD=4.85 %) less than the winning result. Read the FULL

Anti-Doping results of the 2011 World Championships

The 2011 IWF World Championships Paris, France doping control analysis results are available. Over thirty percent of the competing athletes were tested at this qualification event, and there are 8 positive cases currently in process under the IWF Anti-Doping Policy. Out of the 8 cases, there are 4 that involve anabolic steroids, and 4 that involve stimulants. As soon as the Anti-Doping Rule violation(s) are confirmed, the IWF will publish the names and nationality of the concerned athletes. Based on the above, the Results and the Qualification Team Classification are not

Dmitriy Berestov believes in massive Russian results

Berestov, Olympic Champion in 2004 became Vice President of the Russian Weightlifting Federation last year and works also as a Director of a sports school in Moscow. As an athlete he popularizes weightlifting at different competitions where Olympic and World Champions take part and a great number of spectators attend. As a sport leader his intention is to develop children's and youth weightlifting not only in Moscow but all over Russia. He holds master classes at schools where the athletes and Berestov himself take an active part. „The development of weightlifting is in the focus of our Government's attention and of course it is the main task of the Russian Weightlifting Federation. We expect the mass media should pay more attention on our sport. Promotion is important to attract more young people and show them that weightlifting is the basis of all other sports which develops all the muscles. The President's Cup in December will be the best occasion to prove the excellence of our sport." Talking about the chances of the Russian weightlifters at the forthcoming World Championships and the 2012 Olympic Games, he expects medals in four categories both among men and women. The results at the World Championships in November in Paris will give a clear picture about it. (based on